CMM Kickers


Time & Location

Tuesdays 6-7:30PM


113 Indian Trail Road

Indian Trail, NC


Terry Zellers






Double Toe Times



CMM Kickers started when Terry and his wife moved to Charlotte, NC from Reno, NV. They had been cloggers in Reno but upon moving to NC, could not find a group to join. Although Terry had never taught clogging, he went full steam ahead. His daughter, who belongs to a homeschool group, put out a notice on their bulletin board and Terry got the local weekly flyer to put an article in the community paper.

The response was great! Four years later they have a dedicated group of 13 folks who meet once a week to practice and learn new steps and routines.

As a group, they perform at various senior centers, hospitals, church benefits, retirement homes, etc. They dance for the love of clogging and do not charge. If you would like CMM Kickers to perform in the Charlotte area let them know!

CMM Kickers teaches beginners and starts new classes every eight weeks - NO CHARGE. All ages welcome.


About CMM Kickers of North Carolina...

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