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About East Ridge Cloggers of Chattanooga, TN


East Ridge Cloggers is a group of dancers from the Chattanooga, Tennessee area.  The group was originally formed by Mr. Mars Reynolds over 25 years ago and was known then as The Allemande Hall Cloggers.  When Mr. Reynolds became unable to lead the group fourteen years ago, he gave Hilda Griffin the honor of carrying on as instructor for the group.

Since then, we have become the East Ridge Cloggers dancing at the East Ridge Community Center in East Ridge, Tennessee, which is a suburb of Chattanooga.  We are a fun loving, enthusiastic group with some of the original members still clogging.  We enjoy attending workshops and make some a yearly venture for spending time together while we learn new dances.

We love performing at local festivals, parades, and regularly visit and dance for the area nursing and assisted living homes. Each year for the past five years we have given our community a chance to see us in action by putting on a free show which showcases our clogging.  Our presentations have ranged from variety shows, country music shows, to our latest, a Fifties show complete with an Elvis impersonator.

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Time & Location

East Ridge

Community Center

Wednesdays & Thursdays

6 p.m.

Beginner classes cost $4.00 per lesson



Hilda Griffin



We meet each Wednesday and Thursday at the East Ridge Community Center in East Ridge, Tennessee.

We welcome guests and offer beginner classes twice a year.




Double Toe Times


Feeling Fit (under clogging)