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About the Klogghoppers of Kansas City, MO...
The Klogghoppers were formed in 1981 by the Pearson family. The group is a family-oriented clogging team from the Kansas City, Missouri area. 

They were very active in competitive clogging from 1984 to 2003. During much of this time period (’84 to 89’) the group was lead by Matt Pearson and Missy Pearson Shinoski. The brother-sister duo helped the Klogghoppers win hundreds of trophies and many National Grand Championships. Missy became the sole instructor in 1990 and the team continued to bring home National Titles (specializing in the Show & Hoedown categories). Over the years, the team has had hundreds of members including several foreign exchange students. They have performed for fairs, private parties, community, corporate and political events.

In 1994, sixteen members of the Klogghopper’s young adult team traveled to Russia, to perform through the Silver Dollar City folk festival exchange. In 1997, the adult team had the honor of performing overseas, when they were part of the Austrian Alps Performing Arts Festival held throughout Austria. 

The Klogghoppers were the host team for the American Royal Barbecue Clogging Classic & the America’s Heartland Clogging Championships, for a total of 18 years. They are the host team for the City Slicker Stomp Workshop & Competition, which will celebrate its 12th year in 2010. 

Currently the Klogghoppers are a social and performance group. They are still under the direction of Missy Shinoski and are always open to new members. Missy does offer basic lessons, usually in the spring and or the fall.

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