Rhythm Sensation Cloggers


The Rhythm Sensation Cloggers have been performing together since 2004 - over Southampton County, Hampton Roads, and NE North Carolina.   They meet every Tuesday night at the Contemporary School of Dance in Courtland, VA.

The team consists of over 35 gals who all share the same passion and excitement for clogging.  The RS Cloggers are unique in the fact that all ages perform together.  The team has nearly a dozen Mothers, many who clog right along side of their daughters.

The “RS” family performs to a variety of music; mostly country, but you will still find  Top 40 and R&B peppered throughout their shows.  The team’s motto is: Do your best and just have FUN!

If you would like more information on how you too can become a part of the “RS” family, please contact Amy at (757) 777-8368 or amycrsclog@aol.com

Clog on!!!


Rhythm Sensation Cloggers of

Hampton Roads, VA

Clog on!!!

  1. Ages 7 and up

  2. Inexpensive Classes!

  3. Join the fun - Tuesday Nights

  4. Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced

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Tuesday Nights

Hampton Roads, VA


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