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9.00 -11.00 AM

Location : Lindsay, Ontario

Beginner & Intermediate




Marie 705-878-0985




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TGIF Cloggers

TGIF cloggers are a very social and fun group of ladies and gents that love to dance on Friday mornings as indicated in our name “Thank God It’s Friday”. The group was founded sometime in the 80’s and was originally called the Kawartha Kloggers. Most of the group are retired and range anywhere from 50 -85 years old. You are never too old to dance and what a great way to get exercise. We dance a variety of music including Country, Rock, Celtic and Oldies. Classes are every Friday morning from 9.00-11.00 am in Lindsay, Ontario.

Our Instructor
- Brian

Brian Bueller is the leader of the pack and has clogged for 29 years and taught for 24 years. Brian started clogging with Pine Ridge Colggers in Oshawa 1987, Time Cloggers and Special Edition Cloggers , Oshawa 1988, Quinte Bay Cloggers , Trenton 1992 and went on to teach this group for 9 years. He started the Home Town Cloggers in Ajax 1998 and taught this group for 18years, started Cold Creek Cloggers in Trenton in 2001 and taught this group for 15 years. In May 2014 Brian joined the Kawartha Cloggers (TGIF Cloggers) and the Touch of Class Cloggers in October 2014 and has taken over teaching both of these groups. Chris Scott and Marie Fitch also teach the odd dance here and there to give Brian a break.

TGIF and Touch of Class Cloggers are very fortunate to have such a highly qualified teacher in our area.


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