Cloggers mesh old with new all the time!  That’s why it seems right to facilitate clogging webpages - to promote the tradition of clogging to a computer generation!

If your group doesn’t have a website, but would like to have us now!  We’ll develop your webpage and maintain it for you.  No charge!  It’s worth the effort to get your name and info on the web - resulting in more performances and more clogging students!

You send us the pictures and info about your group, we construct a webpage.  It’s that easy!

Check out the sample pages on the menu above...they’re just ideas to get you started.

Example: BASIC Website    

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If your clogging group doesn’t have a website, how will people find you...

What you get

  1. FREE: One page with unlimited free hosting - No strings attached!

  2. If you would like a unique, easy to remember address (like there will be a $15 /yr. fee that will be paid to the domain company to secure an address for you. 

  3. Hosting, maintenance and updates as needed.

These websites are a free gift from iClog.  If you would like a free website for your clogging group, e-mail us!

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